Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

Today is still Mother's Day; if only for 3 more minutes!

These beauties were delivered to my door and what a surprise! It was from my friend. Thank you! It made my day! They are beautiful!

I then got two beautiful cards from my babies. I'll save those for myself though! Ali joined an after school project that only five of each class were chosen from and they made jewelry for Kids with Cancer. They spent weeks on this and then sold all their work. He managed to get this one for me and since he is so little; I am glad he got the one he intended for me!! It would have crushed his little heart if someone else had bought it!! What a sweetie!! He is also taking crochet lessons and made these two bracelets for me. Awww...

I then got a lovely large box of Godiva chocolates. This is a FIRST!!

Yum. Ali and I hit them. Even Waqar had one. Amal won't. She is so strong! Bless her. Ali picked out my favorites. He will make some lucky woman very happy one day!
I got ANOTHER bouquet of flowers! I love these as well!

I hope all you American Mother's that celebrate this day had a lovely one like I did.

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