Thursday, May 6, 2010

Red Velvet Cake

My daughter Amal (ML), will be celebrating her 14th birthday Tuesday the 10th of May. She is planning a huge party for the weekend and we are 'trying' out recipes! This one was absolutely lovely and yes, from scratch, but a bit dry for me. The one I made previously, was more dense so I am not happy! Still, I will trudge along until I find one that we L O V E!!

I used a basic cream cheese frosting.

Here is a big slice for ya!

And boy, did it taste G O O D!!

I was lucky this time around. Some friends took me up on my invite and came over, had a slice, and took some home! There is one little piece left that I wrapped up and froze! I even lost 4 pounds this week. I must admit, it was 4 pounds that I put on last weekend! So, it is off, I am in the next set of '10's' and happy for it. Now if I can just find that perfect recipe and get over this cold!

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