Sunday, May 9, 2010

180,000 Stitches!

I was working on my Stack n Whack yesterday and finally finished the borders. As I was happily sewing away; I noticed that DAMIAN was talking to me. I needed the manual to figure out what the little oil can was. Well, I reached 180,000 stitches! In my Aurora, the machine tells me to clean it after every 180,000 stitches! Very cool.

So, I sent Amal to ask Waqar to come and help me as I couldn't identify the pieces. He's the engineer. He did not come in a satisfactory amount of time (he was busy) and so I got to it and fixed it myself. It was fun taking the bobbin apart and all that FUZZ or LINT! I was bending all kinds of ways to see better. You have to turn off the machine and unplug it so as it was evening, I had to put my desk lamp on it's side to see in it. So, I finished, put everything back and did my practice run to get the oil distributed and turned everything off and covered it and got back to watching a show.

After a while, Waqar walks in and says, "Ok, let's have a look!" I did not have the heart to tell him I had already done it. For two seconds. Then I told him I waited (several hours) and did it myself. He said, ok but I asked him to 'double check my work'. We got into it and he really oiled it up. Got this CRC Duster Moisture-Free Dust & Lint Remover power spray and it scared me as it is like seriously blowing into the machine which, as you all know, is a major no-no. Jean??? I need to speak to her. She is my expert!

Anyway, it was all done and now I don't feel like sewing today. Or do I? Nope, don't feel so good again today.

The picture is of Waqar using that spray and I was happy to see Peachy sitting behind the machine for a change.

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a.niza said...

I am on Aurora but how do i figure out that I have reached 180,00o stitches, please? TQ in advance!

Alia said...

Hi there. Well, I got a little symbol of an oil can on my screen. I had to pull out the manual to see what it meant. I then cleaned out my machine and oiled it and the symbol went away. Refer to your manual and it will tell you that the Aurora 440 tells you when you have reached 180,000 stitches and it is time to clean your machine. It also has another symbol and this tells you that it needs to be professionally looked at. I hope this helps!

a.niza said...

thanks alia..
i had the 2 symbols displayed and I did oiled and send once for servicing but I had no idea it has reached 180,000 stitches to make the symbol appear again. thanks for the info.

Alia said...

My pleasure!!