Friday, May 14, 2010

Ali's 5th grade Exhibitioin

ABA's 5th Grade Exhibition 2010

My Ali on stage! He played the roll of an announcer. All the kids in 5th grade were divided up into 12 different catagories. Ali fell under ADDICTION. He was the only kid to be so deep about it. Not to take away from the others at all!! For example, the kids said they were addicted to things such as: talking; internet; play station and the like. Ali said his father was addicted to smoking! Wow. Bless his beautiful little heart! He so worries about his daddy. So, here he is playing the roll of an announcer. He is introducing his panels of guests.

Here is his panel and the ever gracious host is totally into them!!?? The gentleman's head you see on the right is their teacher and he has the script and is directing them. It is amazing what these teachers pull off. I so love to watch them with the kids during performances! Great job Mr. Allan!

Here is Ali saying his schpeel. While doing so, the doll forgot his lines. Amal snapped this picture at the right moment. So cute!

It's almost like a who-dunnit?!! I was so into him and filming him that I missed if Mr. Allan whispered his lines to him or if he indeed remembered on his own. It was adorable nonetheless!

There was an intermission of sorts and we all went into a hall to see the work the kids did on each of their topics. Ali was the team leader and I know the kid stressed over it for weeks (8 weeks) and had trouble with some of the boys as far as cooperation. He talked to me about it extensively and I hope my advice helped him. He was so adamant that he get a new outfit and we went to Gap and did so. He was so nervous that whole day and it was a joy to see him into it. I really enjoy my kids, I do!! I did not realize that he is so tall compared to his peers!


This was the way the school says goodbye to the elementary kids going into middle school next year. The kids studied the different topics and were well aware of the other 11 topics. All this to help them cope with the changes that are coming next year when they move up to the middle school years.


So, this proud Mama needs to get some shut-eye!

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