Monday, May 31, 2010

Hexagon Madness...that's a good thing now!

A few years ago, a group of us ladies started a Grandmother's Flower Garden project. My hexies were larger than everyone else's. No prob. I also was different in the fact that I was using scraps. Actually, I did a swap with ladies from all over the world for the 2000 millenium thing. I moved countries and stuff happens and I never got around to it so decided to use up these squares on this project. I get bored of the same ole same ole so skipped around a bit. I have all stages tapped into. Trace and cut out hexagons. Iron to square. Trim square to hexagon by 1/4". Thread needles and baste little guys. Start picking out of the baggie at random a hexagon and that is what I sewed next. Made flowers and then sewed the white hexagons around. I even put some of the flowers together. Now, last night I cut out a gajillion freezer paper hexagons and cut them out. I want to work on this a bit.

I had all the basted hexies in a baggie. I used to break up fights with the kids (they were so small then!) and dump them out on the floor and have the kids sort them by colors. Ali got the blues and reds and whites and Amal got the pinks and purples and greens and so on. They LOVED it and it gave me some peace. For a short while! So, I started sorting them in this box.

So very pretty! I have lots of blues and greens. Two rows of neutrals; 1.5 rows of pink; one row of purple; 1/2 of yellow; 1/2 of brown.....1/3 grey, black and red and orange. I wish I had some of the new prints out now! Wow!

Then, Angela made this and I got busy a few days later and made my own! Notice the fabric??Huh, huh, huh?? Coffeebeans!!!

I used the felt that I had on hand which is not such good quality. I used batting to cover the little raw ends of the hexie. Hexie. Not liking that word so much. Hmm.... I used black thread because it was late at night and I was too lazy to switch it out to white!

Then I picked a really pretty pink batik that doesn't show so well here and used a humongous ring. I will find something smaller this summer when home in the US!

It's a needle book! I have since put in three #9 betweens to do my piecing.

Found the stork scissors and will be switching to hand quilting thread to piece them.

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Michele said...

Dear Alia, Great job on your hexagons! Want to join our brand new clamshell sew along? It begins tomorrow.

Wish you hadn't posted those decadent, luscious, sinfully yummy cupcakes, cause I'm needing a suger fix BAD and it's your fault. Uki is so beautiful. What breed of cat is she/he? Michele

Alia said...

I laughed hard Michele!! About the cupcakes!

Hexagons: Let me run over to your site and have a look at what it all entails!

Uki is a Persian - mix. It is hard to tell here as there are no regulations like we have in the United States! She is a girl! She is soooooooooooo much fun!!

nima said...

Alia, your hexagon's looks beautiful...

QuiltingFitzy said...

I just found your blog the other day..I LOVE IT!!

I'm s-l-o-w-l-y working on a hexagon project too, they are so fun. My project is a small wallhanging for my office cubicle.

One tip for you - after you iron on the freezer paper template, just fold over the edges and tack the folds over, don't go thru all the layers. I use one thread and go around each hexagon. When you're never have to remove that basting thread! 8^) I'm all about making this a quicker process I guess, lol.

Got you on my reader, so keep up the good work!!

Michele said...

I forgot to put clamshell info on my last post.......oops. Check out Jossie's blog at:
for clamshell details. It's very undemanding. Cheer, Michele

Alia said...

Hey Michele, I don't think I can join the clamshell group right now. I have sooooo very many projects started that I need to push ahead and get some of them done. I am intrigued and will be watching your progress though!! Very pretty!

RaisinCookies said...

Love your organisation! I need a box like that....