Sunday, May 2, 2010


WooHoo! I am on a roll! I hope I can continue this up until mid June when the kids finish school and we leave for the summer. Then, that will be my break and shopping time in the US and then back to Oman and get back on my finishing up groove!


A little backdrop on this story. I was living in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia while preggers with Ali and there was/is a huge quilting group established there. I was ecstatic to be a part of this group. It was very nicely run by the now famous Phillipa Naylor. One month during Show and Tell; a group of four ladies stood up and showed their Round Robins and the concept stuck in my head and I knew that I had to do this one of these days! Many years later, I was serving on the Muscat Quilt Guild Board and convinced the gals to join me. We had six ladies. We organized ourselves and got on with it. This is mine.

Amal stayed home from school today and I couldn't go to my Hardanger weekly meeting but hopefully will make it next week. She held this up for me and I wish I could get a better picture.

The first round was your own. We had to make a 14" square I think. We also provided all of our own fabrics. Good idea as this ascertained that you liked what you got! We also specified what we DID NOT WANT in our quilts. I specified that I did not want anymore hearts.

I had recently completed the top of a watercolor heart and turned it into a pillow. I used this method for my center block. I had also been wanting to make a blue and white quilt for some time so used these fabrics that I had been collecting.

The second round was triangles. Annabelle did this and somehow I did not complete the right measurement for the first round, so she had to put on the dark blue border on the first round too. Oopsie! ;)

The third round was Applique and Patricia did this. She knew I had and loved cats and I think it was WONDERFUL!! I also want you to see the quilting.

The fourth round was curves and Linda Reid did this painstaking task! It is so lovely! Just look at all those joins! Also, check out the quilting.

The fifth round was Squares and Rectangles. Astrid put together this lovely round. Check out the quilting. It has cats and spells out MEOW! Sooooo cute!!

The sixth and final round was Anything Goes to complete the top. Alice made this one for me. It is a pattern from Lynne Edward's book "The New Sampler Quilt" and it is called Delectable Mountains. Check out the quilting here too!

Mala from Dubai's Classic Quilts and Quilting quilted this for me and I just love each and every round! The center is a huge heart and is beautiful! She did hearts on the last round too and they are lovely.

This is my label that I printed up. I think I was very clever here! From left to right:

Annabelle's quilt: Round Six and it was very complicated. Forgot the name. You can barely see it in this photo on my label. I don't have one of when I finished working on it.

Patricia's quilt: Round Five: Squares and Rectangles

Linda's Quilt: Round Four: Curves. I did those fans. I struggled with it but loved it in the end.

Astrid's Quilt: Round Three: Applique. I researched and found four Chinese words and enlarged them and did my first ever machine applique. Was REAL pleased with it.

Alice's Quilt: Round Two: Triangles. I actually drafted this. Very proud of myself!

Well, thanks for listening. I have been dying to tell the world about this project! It is folded up on my shelf waiting for it's new home!

Thanks for stopping by!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

wow that is quite an effort, well done ladies!

Anonymous said...

What a talented group of friends - lucky that you are all so near. Thank you for posting these inspirational photos!

June in San Diego

Alia said...

Thank YOU June in San Diego for having a look at my blog and commenting!!