Sunday, August 28, 2011

3rd week of Ramadan outing...

Last week sometime we went and met with Amal's friends and went to La Mer but it was fully booked so we ended up at Cafe Barbera.  It was a disappointment but nonetheless, we ate.  Here is a picture of my appetizers.  I love buffets!!

This is called Kibbe.  It is what I know as being Lebanese in origin but popular in all of Arabia.  I don't know how they make it but it is goooood!  I decided to learn how to make them as we all really liked them.

The plates were all gone and so I ended up with a salad plate for my main course.  I really, really liked the chicken on the left with the rice.  The beef with the grilled eggplant was tough and the noodles were nice.

This was Amal and my favorite thing!  It is lemon mint juice and very refreshing and sweet and tart!

The desserts.  Of course, if there isn't Umali/Omali, then it is not a 'good' dessert buffet in my humble opinion.  The chocolate things were what Ali went on about at La Mer at the company outing.  These two restaurants are affiliated with eachother and so they had SOME of the same items.  I did not like it.  Too chocolately but I am glad Ali liked them so much!

Gotta try a bite of everything!

Here is Amal on the left with two of her Omani friends.  I am so glad that she keeps in touch with them as she has no other way to meet local girls anymore being in the International school.  Thanks Rayyan for reading my blog too!  I like how the girls call me Khalti (Auntie with respect).

We are now in the final stretch of Ramadan with lots of preparations for Eid on Wednesday.  We are going to attempt to go out with these same girls to La Mer this week and well, lots is going on in this last week.  Hair apointments, mani/pedi's, school shopping, food shopping and preparations to come, gifts to buy for Eid, cleaning the house, saying goodbye to the part time Ramadan maid (boohoo!) and now the kids are sick!  Wabooyeh!


C said...

I was in La Mer the other day. apparently people book in advance for a table there! i was shocked because i've never seen a place that full in Oman! it is really worth it though... amazing place!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

C: Hi there! Welcome to my blog! It is amazing isn't it! I have been twice this Ramadan and we want to go one more time! I have seen you commenting around but did not realize you were in Oman. That is great!

Jean said...

I love Kibbe! it's yummy! Had it both baked and raw. Where I grew up in Ohio has a large Lebanese population and I just adore that food -- Kibbe, kafka, tabouleh, etc. YUM!

Chick Flick Journal said...

the food looks yummy! lol @ wabooyeh hehe