Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little taste of Colombia

My cousin posted these photos of some event that took place in Colombia in mid August.  I don't know if this girl is my cousin (:-)) but I KNOW that is my aunt on the left.  She is the spitting image of my Mom but a blue eyed blonde version of my dark Mom!  I want you to see the clothes.  It is so interesting.

I think one of these or more are related to me.  Just look at their clothes.  They are a musical group.

Another girl in the mix.

The rest of these pictures are taken by my other cousin.  Same family.  He and his wife went to visit.  Out of 16 kids, my Mom and her older brother are the only ones that settled in America.  The rest are in Colombia.

This is a typical meal.

Fish with rice and platanos or green bananas and yes they sell this here!

This is a staple of the Colombian diet.  Chicharron.  It is fried pork skins.  I know, 7aram!!

Here is a typical house.

Another popular meal.  We like our avocados, rice and arepas!

That is my cuz Andre so his wifey took this.

Another view..

I think I will be making an art quilt using this picture.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing a little bit of my birthplace.  It is a beautiful country.

edited to add one more picture:

This building is so charming and in such a pretty shade of yellow!


Anne said...

Great pictures! I could totally live in that blue house, how neat! Love the avacados too, the food looks yummy!

Jean said...

Ok, are those dresses hand-embroidered? They are beautiful.

Secondly, being the gauacamole freak that I am, I'm looking at those HUGE avocados... those are avocados, aren't they?

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Anne: Thank you, they were taken by my cousins not off the internet! Isn't that blue house darling!! The food is yummy! I want to go back and visit real soon!

Jean: Not sure if they are hand embroidered or not. The one my Grandmother made me was not. So this is a really beautiful change to what I had. Yes, these ARE GIANT avocados!! We eat them a lot in certain parts of the country.

Chick Flick Journal said...

I love the houses and lthe colors! amazing! their clothes are pretty too. the food aaahhh:"(