Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Iftar Buffet with Friends that are leaving Oman

Last week on Wednesday, the kids and I met up with Iggy and her three daughters at La Mer on the Beach Road for an Iftar buffet and also for an official farewell as they are going back to Holland.

Unfortunately, I did not think of taking photos (I know, right?) but here are a few that were taken by the kids on Amal's camera.

gorgeous pic of my girl!

gorgeous pic of my boy!

After we ate our lovely buffet downstairs, we went up to the terrace to listen to the Oud player.  The kids sat on their own which gave Iggy and I a chance to talk Mommy stuff!

Behind the kids you can see the men smoking those famous Shisha pipes.  Most of these men listening to the Oud player were not Omani but other Arabs.  The guy in the blue is Omani and there are girls behind them!  Just so you know!

I don't know why they are acting like this!  You can see the Oud player behind Amal.  He had a lovely voice too.

Here Iggy and I are upstairs on the Terrace far from the kids just yappin' away!  It is sad to get to know her better as she is leaving in a week!!

Nonetheless, we had a lovely time and are going to try to go to another Iftar buffet next week.  A young Omani man named Sami came up to us and asked us to answer a question for a chance to win some prizes at another part of the restaurant.  

Later that night at home and about to keel over; you know, those heavy eyes and I am laid out on the couch with my head hanging down off it when my phone rings and it is SAMI!  I won the contest!!  I had to go on Saturday to pick up my prizes and what I won was a Tshirt, cap and two disposable radios! It was so much fun!  This is all in promotion to a new radion station called MERGE FM.  Now we have THREE stations in English!  Yay!!


Chick Flick Journal said...

adorable children mashAllah. God bless them xx

Leaving for eid?

How are you feeling after the fall, inshAllah better?

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

You are so sweet CFJ!! Thank you on the children. All of them are adorable! Yes, this family is leaving before Eid and moving back to their home country of Holland. I feel MUCH better thank you. No real pain as of today! Yesterday I got on the treadmill and walked 2 km!

Anonymous said...

lovely kids mashalah :D

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Thank you JN!!