Thursday, August 11, 2011

I love the 80's Swap - Received!

The latest Flickr swap I joined was a while ago and it was called the:

I (heart) the 80's Swap.

You all saw down below the Pacman tote that I made for my swap partner.  She received it a few days ago and said she liked it.  No mention of the Omani goodies and the tissue packet I made but ok.

This is what I got.  I remember MUSIC as part of my experience of the 80's.  Loved those 80's bands and saw many of them in concert.  My partner chose Billy Idol for me and MADE this image!  Out of fabric!  Amazing!  Now, my daughter wants me to make a Jared Leto (from 30 Seconds to Mars and a Hollywood Actor, masha'allah, masha'allah!)

She made these little pot holders that were all the rage then too and even in the 2000's I had looms for my kids and they have made me many over the years!

She also made me a little pin cushion with a boom box which is great!

Thanks Kandra!


Chick Flick Journal said...

hehe cute i wish i was born back them i missed all the fun:(

Anonymous said...

the colors are so bright and beautiful!!