Friday, August 12, 2011

Chicken 65 and Mutton Pulao...

Am I nuts to post this right before Iftar?

Anyway, last week sometime I made Chicken 65, oh, last Friday for a family get together.

This is one of my very favorites of the family food.  This is from Hyderabad, India.  Most of my Indian cooking is.  I will tell you otherwise as I have learned a few recipes from Indian friends that are in my sewing circle.

This is a great dish on it's own or at parties we serve it as a side dish to rice.

During family parties, all the good food comes out and during Ramadan there is no exception.  Above you will see Mutton Pulao with the Chicken 65 that I served to my husband for dinner.  What you do not see is that we serve it with 'Raita' or 'Daahi' which is yogurt and then carrots and cucumbers.  Depending if I made it spicy enough for his liking or what else is being served, he might ask for a 'pickle'.  Indian pickle mind you.  VERY spicy and something I have not learned to like.  However, having said that, I make a very nice Lemon Pickle from the lemons grown in my garden.  I have to make little containers for all the houses in the family.  It's is a good thing for my ego even though I have never tasted it.  Amal likes spicy food and Ali has only recently tried out the different menagerie of pickles we have that all completely gross me out, hey, but that is me!

Another way to eat Chicken 65 in our house is to serve it with that yogurt I mentioned above, the veggies and any flat bread.  Gee, that looks yummy!

Shall I post the recipes???


Anonymous said...

The food looks so yummy mashallah!! I am serious it looks really yummy :)

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I don't know where you find the energy? I guess it comes from love!

Chick Flick Journal said...

This looks mouth watering and soo good!