Sunday, August 28, 2011

Funniest Memories of Ramadan...

I know what Ramadan means and what it is all about but as an expat convert to Islam; it is a learning curve.  I think for most Muslims, we are constantly learning.  At least, I hope so.  I answered a comment from C and she made me remember about some funny incidents that happened in my 16 Ramadans.

So, before I share, I would love it if you all would post your funny memories of Ramadan.

Funny Story 1

My very first year I was alone, or without my husband.  My husband was working in the interior.  My SIL was staying with me as a young woman must NEVER live alone over here, and I had Shaboo, my cat of 7 years at the time and Tweety, my canary. I had only been here 4 months.

My other SIL called me at Suhoor time, like EARLY in the morning and was telling me how to cook something.  I started the oil heating up when somehow I left to wake my SIL up and by the time I got back to the kitchen, it was blazin'.  I did not know how to cook well at that time and certainly did not know how to put out a grease fire.  I exacerbated the situation and it was a real mess.  Finally, my FIL, my sweet FIL, called me and told me how to put it out.  Imagine.  A few minutes is a long time in a situation like this!  He sent his houseboy the next day to wipe down my brand new kitchen in my brand new apartment.  It was now a grey color.

The funniest thing was I met a bunch of Latina ladies and they came over and one of them commented on my cool paint job.  They asked me how I got this intricate design and the color of light grey on the walls.  I told them, "Oh, easy, just catch your kitchen on fire and the smoke damage will give you that effect!".  I laughed so hard and they just kept looking at me.  They must have thought that by me growing up in the States sullied my humor or something!

Funny Story 2

Ali was about 3 years old and I had just picked him up from his nursery school.  I stopped at the gas station to buy him a little CapriSun Orange drink that he asked for.  When I got back in the car, I proceeded to open it.  You know, it has that little orange straw and if you don't prick it just right with the beveled edge it can be a huge mess?  Well, I got the straw in fine and proceeded to take a sip so it would not splash out on him when he received it from me.  Right, so I turned to hand it to him and when I turned back around, there were TWO Omani men staring at me with their jaws agape!  When I realized that I broke my fast and felt the judgment of these two men whom were still standing with their mouths open like I killed somebody; I got so flustered.  What did I do next?  Oh my, I made the sign of the cross on my body like the good Catholic girl I was for all my life save a few years!!  The men then got angry and were insolent towards me so I put the car in reverse and shot out of that area so fast!  I had to pull over because I started laughing my butt off!  

I had only been a Muslim for about 5 years but still, the Catholic in me came out in a moment of sheer distress.  I never, to this day, have told my husband because, bless him, he would not find the humor in this little story!  

I innocently broke my fast and Allah ta'allah forgives these transgressions.  I'm sure he did not mind my sign of the cross either as my intentions were pure and good.

So, what is your funny story or two??


Jean said...

Love the story of the visiting ladies. Yep, just laugh it off. That's what I'd do.

Folks don't think I'm crazy... they KNOW I'm crazy... bwahahahahahah!

C said...

hahahah this just made me laugh! i read the comment you posted on my page and i was about to ask you to share the fire story!!!! i don't cook (to this day) so i should take care, otherwise i would probably copy the look of your kitchen!! :)

last weekend we decided to go to sifa and hang around on the beach. we picked sifa because it is usually empty and even if there are people, they are usually tourists so we wouldn't be offending anyone. we barely packed anything, we hid snacks and a couple of bottles of water (so we dont offend anyone!). we got there and this huge group of people were having a full on barbeque!!!! the smells of the amazing food made us act like hungry cats around restaurants! we had no choice other than joke about it all day!