Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New Quilt Ladder!!

Hi!  Finally something quilt related!  Last week Iggy (from previous post) gave me this ladder that she had brought over from Indonesia.  She wasn't planning on taking it to Holland and a few months ago I had gone over to pick up or drop off the girls from Oud lessons and saw it and wow'ed over it!  I knew what I would do with it!  She 'said' I could have it and she followed through!  Thank you Iggy!!

So here it is in my entrance against my mustard wall.  I had to clean it up and make sure there weren't any raw edges which there weren't.  This is made out of bamboo.  There are pegs on either side of the horizontal bars to keep them from sliding.

It is smaller on the top and tapers out towards the bottom.  I just kept looking at it wondering which of my many, many quilts I would put on it.  I quickly realized that the smaller ones would do just fine.

Here are from the top:  1.  Reversible Quilt; 2. Perspective Quilt; 3.  Round Robin Quilt and 4. Halloween Pumkin Table Runner.

Funny that none of my 'pink' quilts made it in.  Here is the final resting place.  You can see my Spiderweb quilt and two spidey pillows by the orange leather sofa.

A closer view.

I'm trying to be creative with my photography skills!  

Thanks for stopping by as always! Oh, and in case anyone wonders; Iggy came by the other day to drop Charlie off for the girls last sleep over and I showed her and she was really happy with it!


Anonymous said...

loved the quilt ladder...looks beautiful!!

Chick Flick Journal said...

thats so cool. you can show off your work:p