Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell Wolters Family!

Where did the day go?  Gosh, it zapped by!  We went to say our very last goodbyes to the Wolters Family at their hotel.  I left Amal there for the day.  Back home, our electricity went out for about a little over an hour.

Iggy said something very comforting to me:  "Farewells are not forever, only if you want them to be."  Something like that.  Gee, I can't remember.  The girls spent the whole day together.  Here are some photos I took in the afternoon when I picked Amal up.

The final embrace in my car.  So sad.  No tears though.  Stoic girls.

It's so bleedin' hot so Iggy jumped in my car to chat while Charlie and Amal ran back up to the room to get Amal's guitar book that she had lent Charlie.  We had our last chat and here she is getting out.

Here the girls are being separated verbally by Mom.

Farewell friends.  Hope to see you soon!

Waaaaaaaaa (me crying)


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Sweet ...

Thanks for the Iftar invite, I am chokers this week sorry but ur so sweet to think of me. Let's catch up for a coffee after Eid when the kids r back at school.

Loved ur tagged post by the way, insightful.

Anonymous said...

hope they have a safe journey!!

Coffeebean's Dailies said...

Isra: I want to call you Clodagh but it is hard! If I manage to call you that, you can call me Diana, but pronounced the Spanish way, ok! Sorry you can't come but I'm happy to know that you are busy. I used two bundles of your fabric for my Eid dresses! I will send you a picture! Thank you so much! Kiss little Eyad for me!

Amu: Such a sweet man to comment on our friends leaving. Thank you. I think they should have reached Holland by now! :-( (for me, not them!)